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About PA3

The Princeton Area Alumni Association (PA3) organizes social, career/networking, volunteer and cultural activities. PA3 members include Princeton-area undergraduate and graduate alumni, parents of current and former students, and surviving partners of alumni. Current graduate students are also invited to participate in all PA3 events and activities.

Your participation will keep this association vibrant as we continue to build. Please join us!


Arlen Kassof Hastings '80


Thomas M. Swift '76

Vice President

Fouad J. Masrieh *69


Catherine Mallette '84


Committee Chairs

Ben Beede *62

Annual Giving Committee Chair

Linda Blackburn '71

Princeton Prize in Race Relations Regional Chair

George Bustin '70

Governance and Nominations Committee Chair

Jeremy Dongilli '99

Membership Co-Chair

Cindy Duan '15

Networking Committee Co-Chair

Kristin C. (Alyea) Epstein '97

Community Service Committee Chair

Tamara Garaffa P'20

Communications Committee Chair

BF Graham W'44

Program Committee Co-Chair

Daniel Hayes-Patterson '09

Technology Chair

Matt Howard *14

Graduate Alumni Committee Co-Chair

Ann Huang P'19

Parent Committee Chair

Pamela Hughes P'21

Cultural Events Chair

Diana Moore '06

Networking Committee Co-Chair

Daniel Patrick O'Connell '74

Membership Co-Chair

Rick Ober '65

Careers and Networking Committee Chair

Sev Onyshkevych '83

Past President

Archana Pradhan '92

Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) Chair

Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman '81

Student Liaison Committee Chair

Warren Suen *99

Graduate Alumni Committee Co-Chair

Lydia Zaininger '83

Program Committee Co-Chair


Michael A. Camp '70

Peter J. Carrill, Jr. '81

Sara Hastings '09

Isabel McGinty *82

Rick Ober '65

Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman '81