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Upcoming Elections for Officers and Directors

October 1, 2017


Elections for PA3 officers and directors will be held at the annual meeting on November 2, 2017. (Note: An invitation to the meeting will be sent separately.) Under the Association's by-laws, only members present at the meeting are eligible to vote. PA3's Nominating and Governance Committee is mandated under the by-laws to present a slate of nominees prior to the meeting. The Committee sent out a notice in mid-June (see below) seeking nominations and suggestions from all PA3 members. A notice seeking potential nominations was also published in PA3's summer newsletters and on the PA3 website.

After review of the results of these messages and consultation among members of the PA3 Executive Committee, the Nomination and Governance Committee unanimously recommends to the membership the election (or re-election for a permitted second term) of the following members to the offices identified:


President:   Arlen Hastings '80

Vice President  Thomas Swift  '76

Treasurer   Fouad Masrieh  *69

Secretary  Catherine Mallette '84


      Re-nominated for a second term

            Rick Ober '65

            Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman '81

            Peter Carril, Jr.  '81

      Nominated for a first term

            Michael Camp '70

    Sara C. Hastings  '09

            Isabel McGinty *82

A short bio of each candidate is posted below, here on the PA3 website. A copy of the by-laws of PA3 governing nominations and elections and the responsibilities of the officers is also available on our website under the Governance tab at left.

Arlen Hastings '80

I have been actively involved in PA3 since its revival in 2008, as the founding chair of its Community Service Committee, as a director, and most recently as PA3ís vice president and the leader of the PA3 book club. Among my other Tiger volunteer activities, I have chaired the Alumni Council Committee on Community Service and was an alumni representative to the Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC). I'm especially proud to have enticed my daughter and son-in-law, both '09, to join the ranks of dedicated Princeton volunteers almost before the ink on their diplomas had dried. A nearly lifelong Princeton resident, I've worked at the Institute for Advanced Study since 1992, where as Director of External Projects I now manage a portfolio of STEM initiatives that complement the Institute's core mission of promoting curiosity-driven basic research. I look forward to leading this thriving alumni organization, and to tapping into the talents and energy of our 3000+ members to build an even stronger PA3.

Thomas Swift '76

At Princeton I majored in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, graduating in 1976. After graduate studies at Stanford and Michigan, I returned to New Jersey and now live about 20 minutes north of Princeton. I began participating in PA3 activities in 2010 and became a director in 2011. I am also Chair of the Princetoniana Committee of the Alumni Council, an ASC interviewer, and a P-rade marshal inducted into the Society of the Claw. I am presently Chief Technical Officer of Cat-Ears, a company that makes products that reduce wind noise. Formerly I was president of an IT equipment manufacturer, and prior to that served in many capacities at Lucent Technologies, AT&T, and Bell Laboratories.  In my spare time I am a regional officer of the Porsche Club of America and teach high-speed track driving. I am fortunate to be married to Petra and to have a son, Thomas, and a daughter, Logan.

Fouad Masrieh *69

I did my graduate work in politics, spent a year at the Institute for Advanced Study and taught at City University of New York for two years before switching careers to international finance by joining what is now J.P. Morgan Chase in New York. A two-year overseas assignment to Cairo turned into 30 years as an expatriate living in London and various parts of the Middle East and working all over the world. My work involved lending to major corporations and governments, project finance, investment banking and corporate finance, with the last few years focused on risk management and corporate governance. Upon retirement in 2006, I returned to live in Princeton and am enjoying it greatly. Serving as treasurer of PA3 has provided me with the opportunity to meet fellow alumni and to make a contribution to a worthwhile cause.

Catherine Mallette '84

A new job at HarperCollins brought me back to the Princeton area last fall. I took on the role of Communications Co-Chair for PA3 and am thoroughly enjoying getting to know the people who make this such a rich, diverse community today. My degree was in history, and my professional career has mostly been in journalism, writing and editing features for magazines and newspapers in Texas and Baltimore before a career switch to book publishing. I was never far from my orange-and-black roots, though: I did a lot of ASC work in the Lone Star State, right up until my kids were approaching college age. My daughter chose the Tiger trail too, and graduated in 2016. In my free time, I have started doing some writing for Princeton Alumni Weekly, which has led to some amazing experiences and connections with a wide variety of smart, talented, and inspiring individuals. 

Rick Ober '65

I recently retired after five and half years as General Counsel and Secretary of Isles, Inc. in Trenton, a community development and environmental nonprofit founded in 1981 by students and faculty of Princeton, and headed by Marty Johnson í81, a former Trustee of Princeton. I spent 26 years as E.V.P., General Counsel and Secretary of UJB Financial Corp/Summit Bancorp of Princeton and three and a half years as V.P., General Counsel and Secretary of TerraCycle, Inc. of Trenton, an organic fertilizer company started by two Princeton students. My wife, Carol hí65, and I have lived in the Princeton area since 1975. I am a current member of the PA3 Executive Committee and Chair of its Careers and Networking Committee and on the Propellers Advisory Committee. I am an active interviewer for the Alumni Schools Committee, a Varsity Club member, Treasurer of the '65 Reunions Committee since our 10th, and currently auditing two courses at the University. Carol and I have been on eight Princeton Journeys educational trips. I was a Woodrow Wilson School major '65 and Yale Law School '68. I was first elected as a director of PA3 in 2014 for a three-year term, renewable for one additional term.

Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman '81

I am a clinical research and development professional who, for the past 14 years, has served as CEO of Omar Consulting Group, an ophthalmology consulting practice that specializes in creating business, regulatory and clinical development know-how for people and companies with interests in eye diseases. I studied chemical engineering at Princeton for three years before changing majors to focus in psychobiochemistry, graduating in 1981. After teaching science for 3 years, I resumed my academic training at the University of Houston where I completed my doctorate in Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences. I completed my training in eye diseases at the University of Texas and the University of San Francisco Medical Schools As a community activist, I champion the empowerment of girls and women through scientific and medical literacy, I currently serve on several boards and committees including the YWCA-Princeton (president), the International Society of Eye Research (trustee), and Princeton Prize for Race Relations.  In the past, I have served on the boards of Princeton Alumni Careers Committee, and the Committee on Regional Associations. In my spare time, I volunteer as a P'rade Marshal; work with the Princeton Class of 1981; mentor graduate students with the 'Graduate Women in Science and Engineering'; and champion women's athletics with the Women's Golf Team. In 2016, I received the Distinguished Black Alumni Award from the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.  I have been married to Charles Rendleman (*82) for 34 years and am the mother of two young adults, Hunter and David. In 2014, I was elected as a director of PA3 for a term of three years, renewable for one additional term.

Peter J. Carril, Jr. '81

I moved to Princeton in 1967 and, with the exception of a few years after graduation, have remained a lifelong Princeton resident. I am a product of the Princeton public school system as are my two grown children. Both my parents worked for the University, with my mom working at the University League for 15 years and my dad coaching the men's basketball team for 29 years. I graduated from Princeton in 1981 with a degree in Economics. I spent my entire working career on Wall Street with an emphasis on international emerging markets. I retired from my long hours supporting the coffers of NJ Transit and started my own investment management business, Patton Hall LLC, in 2012. I am humbly grateful for the opportunities that my Princeton University education has afforded me, and happily look to give back to both Town and Gown where I can. In July of 2017, I was named a PA3 director for an interim term to fill a vacancy caused by the withdrawal of another director.  

Michael A. Camp '70

One of the best gifts I have ever received is the opportunity Princeton has given me to make many fast friends. It started freshman week, and it continues to this day. I have lived in the same house just north of Princeton since 1984. My three daughters have thanked me for having raised them in the culturally rich Princeton community. I have been active in Reunions, serving on my class's reunion committee since 1986. I have been on the Graduate Board of Trustees of Cap and Gown Club since 1987. For the last ten years or so I have participated in the Executive Precepts of the Madison Program (please ask me about it). In 2004, after a number of years of working in New York on Wall Street, I formed with a partner an investment advisory firm in Princeton. We manage assets, mostly for individuals, on a discretionary basis. My hobbies include playing saxophone, bird watching, and ballroom dancing. My enjoyment of these last pursuits, which is great, is inversely proportional to my aptitude for them.

Sara Hastings '09

I graduated in 2009 with a degree in history and certificates in French and Spanish. After graduation I stayed in Princeton, where I've lived since I was four, and became involved with PA3 almost immediately, eventually taking on the role of secretary. My day job is as special projects editor for U.S. 1 Newspaper, which was a natural extension of my work with the Daily Princetonian as a student. I also serve as an alumni interviewer and am always looking for ways to give back to Old Nassau.

Isabel McGinty *82

I studied Classics as a graduate student at Princeton, and I presently work as an attorney. I became involved as an Alumni Schools Committee interviewer as my first involvement in alumni activities a few decades ago. Over the years, I have chaired the Mercer East ASC region here in NJ, and for a few years I also chaired the Nebraska ASC from NJ. I have served as a P-rade Marshal, an alumni representative on the Council of the Princeton University Community, a board member of the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni (APGA), a member of the APGA Reunions Committee, and a volunteer with our local Princeton Prize in Race Relations Committee. I have served on the Alumni Council's Princetoniana, Graduate Alumni Relations, Nominations, Alumnae Initiatives, and Princeton Schools Committees. I live in Hightstown.  


June 14, 2017
Notice to all Members of PA3

The Princeton Area Alumni Association plans to hold its annual meeting for 2017 in the fall (as in previous years) at a date to be announced. Under our by-laws, we will conduct elections at that annual meeting for officers and directors of the Association. It is anticipated that a number of positions – both officers and directors – will need to be filled as current terms expire and some current office holders step down. Among the positions likely to be open are president, vice-president, secretary, and four positions as directors. In addition, the Association is in need of various committee chairs, who manage specific aspects of PA3’s activities.

Please consult above (10/01/17 Update to Post) for a list of officers, directors, and committee chair positions. A copy of the by-laws, with descriptions of the responsibilities of the various officers and directors, is available on that website under the link “governance” at the left.

Prior active experience working with PA3 is of course a plus, but is not a necessary precondition. Candidates who indicate an interest and willingness to serve will be considered by the Committee prior to the annual meeting. Please note these are not “honorary” positions. Leadership roles within PA3 require active participation in the Association’s activities and management. Time commitments vary with the position; the work is collegial and rewarding.

If you may be interested in taking a leadership position in PA3 in any of the above roles, please contact any member of the Nominating and Governance Committee, which is mandated by our by-laws to propose a slate to the annual meeting. In order to allow the Committee to consider potential candidates in good time, indications of interest should be received before July 15. All inquiries are of course non-binding.

Members of the Committee are:

 George Bustin ’70, Chair
 Tom Swift ’76
 Cheryl Rowe Rendleman ’81
 Lydia Zaininger ’83
 Kristin (Alyea) Epstein ’97

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