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Post: 2018 Annual Meeting & Election

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2018 Annual Meeting & Election



Notice to

All Members of PA3




Election of a PA3 Director will be held at the annual meeting on November 7, 2018.

[Note: An invitation to the meeting will be sent separately.]

Under the Association’s by-laws, only members present at the meeting are eligible to vote.

Following the resignation of one director of the Association earlier this year, the President, acting pursuant to the by-laws in consultation with the Executive Committee, appointed Warren Suen*99 to fill the vacancy on the board as an interim director.

The President and Executive Committee now recommend that Warren Suen *99 be elected to a full term as director of the Association.

A copy of the by-laws of PA3 governing elections and the responsibilities of the officers and directors is available on our website under the governance tab.

Mr. Suen's biography follows: 

Warren Suen  *99    

I have a Ph.D. in chemistry, and my dissertation was on the structural characterization of biological macromolecules. I am currently a Senior Scientist in a consumer specialty company located in Bridgewater, NJ. I have been involved in Princeton alumni activities for more than a decade, starting by volunteering as an ASC interviewer and for Special Olympics and Isles, Inc. About five years ago I started serving as the PA3 Graduate Alumni Co-Chair and then as a board member of APGA. These experiences provide me with great opportunities to interact with many bright students and fellow alumni from all around world. In particular I enjoy working on science- and technology-related initiatives, and have been serving as a judge on Princeton Research Day and piloting a science education program for local school kids of PA3 families. Along with my busy schedule of work, family, and volunteer activities, I enjoy playing tennis, swimming and doing some yardwork.  







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