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PA3 Wins ACE Award for Excellence in Communication

The Princeton Area Alumni Association won the Alumni Council's ACE Award for Excellence in Communication!

Pictured below are Henry Von Kohorn '66, President of the Alumni Association, Sara Hastings '09, PA3's secretary, and Daniel Hayes-Patterson '09, PA3's technology chair.

The full write up of the award is as follows:

To the Princeton Area Alumni Association

It was 2008. The Princeton Area Alumni Association (PA3) had lain dormant for ten years. General consensus was that with the University and its manifold attractions in the backyard, Princeton-area alumni didn’t need an active organization to bring them together. And trying to persuade them otherwise involved a mass communication plan that was unsustainable. The PA3 was doomed.

Not so, believed a hardy band who were undaunted. Yes, a solid communications plan was essential to inform and engage area alumni. And now it was doable, with new technologies at hand. A simple blog-style website was created; a monthly broadcast e-newsletter was initiated; Facebook, and later Twitter, were added to the arsenal.

Communication was re-established, was effective, and yet somehow lacked energy. Enter the dynamic duo of Dan Hayes-Patterson ’09 and fiancee Sara Hastings ’09. In 2011, Dan was elected PA3’s Technology Chair and Sara its Secretary. The communications “dream team” was born.

Computer programmer Dan created a dynamic website so easy to use that even “non-techies” could post content with ease and with automatic prompts to post on Facebook and Twitter. Each page has a “Share” button. A multi-pronged communications approach came alive.

Sara oversees the content of communications, and the new website’s homepage reveals the wealth of material now generated. Information about community service, social activities, and careers. News and networking. Photos and fun. E-newsletters link to the site and the site in turn archives the e-newsletters. With PayPal, registering for events or ordering a PA3 t-shirt is just a click away. No surprise that website visits increased over 100% in a same-period comparison between 2011 and 2012, and dues paying membership has grown.

Through its revitalized communications, anchored by a dynamic website, and with its many opportunities for fellowship, the PA3 serves as a welcome companion not competitor to the best old place of all. The University benefits right along with the PA3’s membership of undergraduate and graduate alumni, parents of current and former students, and surviving partners of alumni. We are delighted to award the Princeton Area Alumni Association with the Alumni Council’s ACE Award for excellence in communications.

Alumni Council Alumni Relations & Communications Committee
Presented on 23 April 2013

Posted by Dan about 8 years ago.


PA3 Theater Event - The Winter's Tale

A Sunday afternoon at McCarter Theater

!!! Book your tickets now !!!
PA3's allocated seats will be released to the general public on Wednesday.

SUNDAY, APRIL 7th, 2013

Pre-Show Talk and Performance of

The Winter's Tale

by William Shakespeare

PA3 is honored to have
Leonard Barkan, Class of 1943 University Professor
& Chair of the Department of Comparative Literature

join us before the performance to talk about the play.

1:00pm - registration at Lockwood Lobby of McCarter Theater
mingle with guests while enjoying dessert reception and cash bar
1:10pm - presentation by Professor Barkan
1:30pm - Q&A 
1:40pm - wrap up Q&A, have some more desserts, freshen up, take seats in theater
2:00pm - The Winter's Tale - curtain up

The theater is hosting a Dialogue on Drama session after the performance, to which patrons are invited.

McCarter Theater has reserved a block of seats for PA3 and are offering them at a discounted price.  Purchase tickets directly on McCarter's website for $40 each.  Be sure to enter Promotion Code ALUMNI for this rate and seating.  This price includes the PA3 Pre-Show Talk, desserts, ticket and post-show Dialogue on Drama.

Contact Lydia Zaininger '83 with any questions.

Winters-tale-bg Leonardbarkan
Related Events

The Winter's Tale at McCarter Theater ( Sunday, April 7, 2013 - 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM )

Leonard Barkan, Class of 1943 University Professor and Chair of the Department of Comparative Literature at Princeton University, has graciously agreed to join PA3 prior to the performance to talk with us about The Winter's Tale.

McCarter Theater is hosting a Dialogue on Drama session after the performance, to which all patrons are invited.

* Ticket price includes: Pre-Show Talk, Dessert Reception and discounted Orchestra B seat and Dialogue on Drama.

Location: McCarter Theater, Princeton
Cost: $40/ticket *
Organized by: PA3 & McCarter Theater

Posted by lydia about 8 years ago.


First Friday Lunch with Jason McSheene, PhD Candidate in Molecular Biology


Join us for 
First Fridays, a monthly recurring event for undergraduate and graduate Princeton alumni, graduate students, and parents.  On the first Friday of each month, area alumni and their guests meet to enjoy a prix fixe luncheon buffet at the Nassau Club in downtown Princeton.  As a special bonus for PA3, a Princeton PhD candidate presents his/her work to the group in this informal setting.  Topics vary monthly and are always interesting!

This month, we will be joined by Jason McSheene, a PhD candidate in the Molecular Biology Department. 
  Jason's work focuses on developmental biology.  His research focuses on the mechanisms by which embryos are able to generate the break in left-right symmetry and convert it into biochemical messages that influence heart morphogenesis.

Specially priced at $25/person (or $30 if you choose not to pay PA3's annual dues), lunch includes the Nassau Club’s full buffet as well as a complementary beverage (wine, beer, soft drink). Pre-registration is required. 

>> Looking forward to seeing your orange and black! <<

Date: Friday, April 5th, 2013
Time: 12 noon - 2:00 pm
Location: Nassau Club, 6 Mercer St, Princeton, NJ
Nassau Club membership is not necessary to attend this event.
For more information, contact Lydia Zaininger '83 . 

Lunch Reservation
Nassauclubphoto Jason_mcsheene Nodal
Related Events

First Friday Lunch ( Friday, April 5, 2013 - 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM )


Location: Nassau Club, 6 Mercer St, Princeton
Cost: $25 for dues-paying members; $30 for others
Organized by: PA3

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First Friday Lunch Series

PA3 is proud to present this roster of past
 First Friday Luncheons at the Nassau Club

We sincerely thank our guest speakers for making this series so enjoyable!

  • 2020:  Sarah Hutter Wilterson [PhD candidate Psychology]  "Adult learning of skilled movement"
  • 2020:  Robbie LeDesma [PhD candidate Molecular Biology] "Viruses and the human immune system"
  • 2019:  Rachit Dubey [PhD candidate Computer Science] "Towards a better understanding of curiosity"
  • 2019:  Becca Napolitano [PhD candidate Civil Engineering] "Old buildings, new techniques"
  • 2019:  Joel Finkelstein *18 [Psychology] "Hate and extremism on social media"
  • 2018:  Lt. Johnathan Falcone [Master in Public Affairs candidate Woodrow Wilson School] "Reflections of an active duty Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy"
  • 2018:  Kris Pardo [PhD candidate Astrophysical Sciences] "Constraining theories using gravitational wave event data"
  • 2018:  Mai Nguyen [PhD candidate Psychology]  "How we represent complex information in the brain over time"
  • 2018:  Eda Yetim [M Arch candidate] "Spatialized ornaments into three dimensional landscapes"
  • 2018:  John Parton '18 [Woodrew Wilson School] "Recusal failure among district court judges"
  • 2018:  Mayank Misra [PhD candidate - Woodrew Wilson School] "Socio-ecological systems"
  • 2018:  Nicholas M. Risteen [PhD candidate - Architecture] "After the Disaster: Architecture and Emergency in Extraordinary Time"
  • 2018:  DongWon Oh [PhD candidate - Psychology] "Gender bias in facial impressions"
  • Eric M. Glover [PhD Candidate - English] "Musicals of Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston"
  • Andrew Ledford [PhD Candidate - Sociology] "Political Islam"
  • Shilpa Nadimpali Kobren [PhD Candidate - Computer Science] "Computational Biology"
  • Michael Hepler [PhD Candidate - MAE] "Science and Global Security"
  • Adam Lerner [PhD Candidate - Philosophy] "Empathy"
  • James A. Smith [PhD Candidate - Geosciences] "Dataset Formats for Seismology"
  • Alex Rodnyansky [PhD Candidate - Economics] "Quantitative Easing & Bank Lending"
  • Carlee Joe-Wong [PhD Candidate - Applied/Computational Math] "Computer Networking"
  • Julie Whittaker [PhD Candidate - WWS] "Jordanian Refugee Camp for Syrians"
  • Rajesh Ranganath [PhD Candidate - Computer Science] "Machine Learning"
  • Garner Soltes [PhD Candidate - Molecular Biology] " Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance"
  • Chris Brinton [ PhD Candidate - Electrical Engineering] "Online Learning"
  • Charles Ganoe '51 - "Travels in North Korea"
  • Heather Butts '94 - "African American Medicine in Civil War DC"
  • Leslie Ribovich [PhD Candidate - Religion] "Public School Education & Morality"
  • Brittney Edmonds [PhD Candidate - English] "Commodity Status of Afro-American Slaves"
  • Greg Owen '15 - Founder Princeton Institute for Chocolate Studies
  • Mazell Tetruashvily [graduate student - Molecular Biology] "Neuromuscular Junction"
  • Joel Rozen [PhD Candidate - Anthropology] "Entrepreneurship in Tunisia"
  • Jane Manners [Graduate Student - History] "Federal Bailouts"
  • Bryn Rosenfeld [PhD Candidate- Politics] "Autocracies and the Middle Class"
  • Joshua Spechler [PhD Candidate - Electrical Engineering] "Flexible Electronics"
  • Doyle K. Hodges [PhD Student - Woodrow Wilson School] "Democratic Civil-Military Relations "
  • Andrew Ledford [PhD Student - Sociology] "Iranian Studies"
  • Ian Hogue [Post Doctoral Fellow - Molecular Biology] "Virus Transport and Spread"
  • In Song Kim [PhD Candidate - Politics Dept] "Incentives for Trade Liberalization"
  • Nimisha Barton [PhD Candidate - History Dept] "Gender and Immigration in 1900's France"
  • Friederike Funk [PhD student - Psychology Dept] "Social Psychology of Punishment"
  • Jeffrey Parker [PhD Candidate - PPPL] "Turbulence of Plasmas"
  • Ryan Harper [2013 PhD - Religion Dept] "Gospel Music and American Evangelicalism"
  • Andrew Ledford [PhD Student - Sociology] "Iranian Studies"
  • Matthew Howard [PhD Candidate - Molecular Biology Dept] "Brain Study using Viruses"
  • Andrew Lieu '06 [friend of PA3] "Thoughts on the Financial Markets"
  • Andra Geana [PhD Candidate - Psychology Dept] "Risk and Ambiguity in Human Decision-Making"
  • Jason McSheene [PhD Candidate - Molecular Biology Dept] "Left-Right Patterning in Embryos"
  • Jim Steichen [PhD Candidate - Dept of Music] "George Balanchine"
  • Kate Neal [PhD Candidate - Dept of Music] "New Ideas in Music"
  • Nadezhda Savova [PhD - Dept of Anthropology] "International Bread Houses
  • Jamol Pender [PhD Candidate - Engineering School/ORFE] “Queueing Theory"
  • Allan Doyle [PhD candidate – Art & Archaeology] “ Michaelangelo’s Afterlife in French Art”
  • Ismaiel Yakub [2012 PhD – Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering] “Bee Home – Sustainable Building/Temporary Housing"
  • Darren Pais [PhD candidate – Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering] “Emergent Collective Behavior of Groups in Biology and in Robots”
  • Julianne Werlin [PhD candidate – English] “Early Modern Utopian Literature”
  • Josue Sanz-Robinson [PhD candidate – Electrical Engineering] “Flexible, Large-Area, Electronic Systems for Monitoring Civil Infrastructure”
  • Michael Todd [PhD candidate – Neuroscience] “Limitations of Human Multitasking or Cognitive Flexibility
  • Theodor Brasoveanu [PhD candidate – Physics] “Critical Phenomena in Gravitational Collapse”
  • Sarah Fawcett [PhD candidate – Geosciences] “Ocean’s Biological Pump: Storage of Atmospheric CO2 Fixed as Biomass”
  • Iain Watts [PhD candidate – History] “History of Galvanism, the now-vanished Science of Electricity”
  • Cate Reilly [PhD candidate – Comparative Literature] “Teratology, Wax Anatomy and the Monstrous Text”
  • Sarit Kattan Gribetz [PhD candidate – Religion] “History of Jews, Christians and Pagans in Antiquity”
  • Taniecea Arceneaux [PhD candidate – Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics] “Resilience of Social Networks with Multiple Relations”
  • Cate Reilly [PhD candidate – Comparative Literature] “Rilke and Chekov: Translation and (Play)giarism”
  • Wenzhe Cao [PhD candidate – Electrical Engineering] “Digital Skin: Electrodes that Retain Electrical Functionality under Large Mechanical Deformation”
  • Taylor Behmke [2011] “Food Justice Foundation”
  • Sushoban Avasthi [PhD candidate – Electrical Engineering] “Solar Cells
  • Sunny Khemlani [PhD candidate – Psychology] “How We Reason: Systemic Illusions when Drawing Inferences”
  • Mike North [PhD candidate – Psychology] “Ageism (Age Based Prejudice) from an Intergenerational Perspective”
  • Ankit Panda – [2012 undergrad - WWS] “Undergraduate Life”


PA3 also expresses its gratitude to the Graduate School for its support and to the Nassau Club for its professionalism and graceful hosting of our events.

Posted by lydia about 8 years ago.


First Friday Lunch with Jim Steichen, PhD Candidate in Music

First Friday Lunch with Jim Steichen, PhD Candidate in Music

George Balanchine

On Friday, March 1st, 2013, PA3 welcomed Jim Steichen to the monthly First Friday luncheon at the Nassau Club.  Jim is working on his dissertation which focuses on George Balanchine (at left).

Dancer from 'Alma Mater'
Who knew that Princeton makes an appearance in a Balanchine work?!  Those who attended lunch now know about Alma Mater,a ballet inspired by Edward Warburg's witty satire of an Ivy League football game, set at the Yale Bowl.  

Balanchine's Serenade - early production

Above and below, respectively, are early and later productions of Balanchine's Serenade, set to the music of Tschaikovsky.

'Serenade' - more recent production

As usual, there was a lively discussion while enjoying the Nassau Club's buffet luncheon. Thank you Jim for joining us to talk about your work!

Posted by lydia about 8 years ago.