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Friends of the Davis International Center needs volunteers

Click on Volunteering to learn how you can become a tutor or host. For further information, e-mail Hanna Hand (hhand (at) or call her at (609) 258-1170.

Click below for details about each of FDIC's programs.

In the photo, Brian Zack '72 (left), PA3 Director, regularly volunteers with FDIC.

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Student/Alumni Summer Networking Reception

 Hi Everyone!

Last year the Princeton Area Alumni Association (PA3) in conjunction with Princeton Career Services hosted a "Careers Seminar and Reception" for undergraduates who were spending the summer at Princeton.  Over 50 students and alumni spent quality time discussing options for careers after Princeton. This year the PA3 is teaming with Satomi Chudasama at Career Services to do it again. Over 70 undergrad and grad students have signed up for the event!


Location:  Princeton University, Carl A. Fields Center, 58 Prospect Avenue
Date: June 20 (Mon.) 5:30-7:30 PM
What: 10-15 Alumni Panelists needed
Careers: Consulting, Education, Finance, Law, Marketing, Architecture, urban-planning, Medicine/Healthcare, Non-Profits, Volunteerism,  Science & Technology, the Arts and more
The event will feature roundtables of alumni from various fields, sharing their insights on how Princeton has prepared them for career options, success, and transitions. Our aim is to break into small groups by industry.  The goal is to provoke broad discussions about the vast career choices available to students after Princeton and  to exposue students to the diversity of people in them.
What’s in it for alumni?

· Perhaps you can recall when you were a student and how clueless you were about the decisions you were making and the careers you didn’t know about
· Perhaps you have a son or daughter in college

· Perhaps you have an interesting story to tell about your own career path
· Perhaps you are in career interruptus, but are nonetheless quite active


Satomi Chudasama, Kyriaki (Kiki) Karoglou *05 (Chair of PA3 Networking and Careers Committee) and I would like to invite each of you to join the discussion and remain afterwards for our reception.  Please let me know if you can be available for this event.  Many thanks in advance for your participation.


RSVP with brief bio by  Jun 15, 2011.
Dr.Cheryl L. Rowe-Rendleman, '81
Princeton Area Alumni Association
Chair Student Liasion Commitee
925 872 0691 (cell)
Facebook: Princeton area Alumni Association

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Student/Alumni Summer Networking Reception ( Monday, June 20, 2011 - 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM )
Location: Princeton University Carl A. Fields Center - 58 Prospect Avenue
Organized by: PA3 Cheryl Rowe-Rendelman & PU Career Services

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PA3's Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman '81 runs AFF at reunions

Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman '81, acting as the PA3 Student Liaison Committee Chair, ran a successful alumni faculty forum (AFF) at Reunions 2011.  The title of the AFF was "Women in Science: Why We Should Care."  The Daily Princetonian ran an article:

Cheryl, in collaboration with the Graduate Women in Science and Engineering group (GWISE), has be busy over the last 1.5 years developing a mentoring program including alumni, graduate students and undergraduate students focused on fostering women in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields.  PA3 is thrilled to support Cheryl and GWISE's efforts!  

Please visit the GWISE website to find out more about this mentoring program: 

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Ice Cream Social for Incoming Freshmen

In August, PA3 will host an ice cream social for incoming freshmen from the local area.  Please check back for details.

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